"Supreme consiousness is the reality of everything"

Shiva Sutra 1.1


A dance of the formless shapes
An experience of the impossible
Dance your mesmerising thoughts  
Move beyond your muscles
Let your body speak 
Listen to the unheard 
Kiss away your ephemeral rumination
Feel every energy spark in your living body
Listen to the music of your instrument

And be silent

Let your soul hear the unspoken

Let me teach you how to breath
Let me educate you the art of mastering relaxation
Let me guide you in your process of learning how to rule your mind, in the fine and subtile arts of unfolding your meditation practice
Let me take you on the road of practicing how to rest in your own place and space
Let me instruct you how to intensely relax your muscles and bones, to gently let go of your thoughts, to intensely rejuvenate and regenerate your body and deeply nourish your soul

Sofie Mees

 Follow your heart - It knows the way

Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion


Purple petaled flowers
Whirling down in the autumn wind

Their journey lasts forever

In this never ending spring

Cool summer breeze
Crystal clear winter fog
Seasons vanished all along

Taste of lavender and lemons
All year long

Sofie Mees

It 's easy to do great work when you believe in what you do

On this path let your heart be your guide




Surrounded by lights

Let your light shine from within
Let it radiate into your Life
Enlighten every little, dark corner 
Bring more kindness in every little thing you do

One tiny spot of light is enough
To be seen
To be noticed
To become the seed of a transformation - big or small

Live your life happier and lighter ...
With your Inner Light burning